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> Subject: FW: Meeting at Otakon
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> To Whom It May Concern:
>             It has been brought to my attention that Friday is a bad day (I
> totally forgot not everyone will be in Baltimore Thursday night). So would
> any of you have a problem if the date were changed to Saturday around the
> same time? Also thanks to Fanboy and Latasha for the suggestion.
> Bryan
> PR Officer ~ Stevens Anime Club
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> Subject: Meeting at Otakon
> To Whom It May Concern:
>             My name is Bryan Otis Long and I am the Public Relations Officer
> for the Stevens Anime Club. I am attempting to set up a time and date on
> which members of the various anime clubs on the East Coast can meet up with
> one another. I personally go to school in the New Jersey/New York area, but
> am from the DC/Virginia/Maryland area. So I frequently visit a lot of states
> with various anime organizations; however, I am not personally acquainted
> with many of you. My goal with this centralized meeting is to present my
> organization as well as yours with the opportunity to branch and network so
> that way whenever we are away from school and back at home, we can still
> find places to watch anime and cool people to hang out with that share our
> interests because sadly not everyone is an anime fan. If any of you are
> interested please feel free to contact me via any of the information listed
> in my vCard. I have mentioned this idea in groups such as EastCoastConGoers
> and AnimeClubsUnite, but I wanted to personally address many of the key
> anime clubs and organizations on the East Coast with the goal of creating a
> greater sense of community. Attached to this email will be the following: my
> contact information, a map containing markers for the possible meeting
> locations, as well as a custom flyer detailing the time and date of this
> meeting. I will also send out a map with a finalized location at a later
> time, after the convention schedule is released. If there is enough positive
> feedback, I will email various groups such as Anime Source and the Anime
> News Network to see if they would be interested in writing a story regarding
> this move towards unification for East Coast anime groups; however, even if
> there will be no big news story I would still love to meet all of you fellow
> anime enthusiasts. I hope to hear back from many of you soon and until then
> I hope you all have fun preparing for Otakon.
> Sincerely,
> Bryan Otis Long
> Bryan Otis Long
> Stevens Anime Club PR Officer ~ Otakon/AnimeNext Staff

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