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Ofer Hirsch Gill ohg200 at nyu.edu
Thu Jul 28 11:59:13 EDT 2005

Ah yes, the absence of a headphones port in the GBA SP... Before my 
DS, I got a $7 adapter from Jandaman that plugs into the recharger 
port so that I can use regular headphones with my SP. The only trouble 
is that you can't use headphones and recharge batteries at the same 
time. (And the SP adapters that let you use regular headphones and 
recharge at the same time have poor headphone sound quality...) Good 
thing DS has its own headphones port separate of the recharger... 
Although I could never figure out what that rectangular slot next to 
the headphones port was. Do you plug a microphone into it? Is it for 
outputting your DS screens to a TV? Why does it resemble the slightly 
larger rectangular port on the PSP used to plug in Sony's proprietory 

Also, my bottom DS screen protector also doesn't completely cover the 
whole screen (so I leave a very tinsy bit on the bottom uncovered - 
most of my DS games use the top portion of the touch-screen more 
anyhow). My guess for why many screen protectors are like this is 
since the bottom screen is elevated deeper than the frame holding it, 
it means making a screen protector to cover all of would make it too 
difficult to remove it at some later point without damaging the screen 
or frame (and no screen protector should be permanent - even a really 
good one for my SP got smudges and dust after 6 months, calling for it 
to be replaced...). 

- Ofer

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From: Richard Fung <aoshi00 at hotmail.com>
Date: Wednesday, July 27, 2005 10:45 pm
Subject: Re: RE: [MA-SOC] Jump Super Stars (DS)

> Lol.. no need to be jealous, but black's indeed a nice color, the 
> machine 
> looks more high-end.
> Anyway, the system's in my hands, just two days after they shipped 
> it.  Time 
> to rejoice right?  Half true.   So I got home at 8pm.. and it's 
> now ~10pm, 
> took me two hrs, but dammit, I finally did it, the top screen's 
> easy enough, 
> one shot, boom, done (I got the Hori protectors btw).  Then for 
> the touch 
> screen, manuvering the protector in every which way so that it's 
> applied w/ 
> no bubbles (those buggers drove me nuts!).  You think you get rid 
> of one 
> speck of dust, then another appears in the corner, you get rid of 
> that one, 
> then another SOB sneaked in right in the middle.. the whole time I 
> was 
> saying out loud "Sweet mother of Jesus", "Yarou", things to that 
> effect.  
> That female clerk you mentioned was right.  If I were putting on a 
> condom, I 
> sure as hell wouldn't get any! ^^;;;  Still, I was half prepared 
> though, I 
> chose Hori because it's a decent brand licenced by the Big N, but 
> I also 
> read the not so perfect amazon.jp review.  The reason why the 
> bottom 
> protector is so difficult is becuase it's smaller than the touch-
> screen 
> itself (unlike the top one that fits to a T), so you got to apply 
> it just 
> right to be even.
> Long story short, after some struggles, setting up my username 
> "Aoshi" (as 
> usual), time, B-day, etc. and then finally popping in the "Goemon" 
> cartridge 
> in the DS (fancy mechanism btw compared to the GBA cart insertion) 
> finally 
> brings a smile back on my face.  I didn't even have dinner yet, 
> but what the 
> heck, I'm skipping and going for a DS test drive.  Another silly 
> thing I 
> found out was the DS headphones are just a regular pair, instead 
> of one w/ 
> special connector for the GBA SP.  Well, my headphones were going 
> anyway, so 
> it's alright..
> About Cyber Formula, Pablo, yeah, that's really more like a sports 
> anime.  
> Asurada is the only car that talks anyway ^^.  I'm not sure if I'd 
> make it 
> this meeting, maybe some other time.  But B't X does fit your 
> Mecha theme, 
> unfortunately the mediocre sub is not really suitable for massing 
> showing.(wonder if ADV would release it eventually).
> Rich -- also bought a DS pouch from circuit city on the way home, 
> damn the 
> Nintendo accessories..
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> >
> >There aren't so many voices in Feel the Magic. You'll probably beat
> >the game in Regular mode within a day. However, there's Challenge
> >mode, Hard mode, and Hell mode, all of which add on a few extra 
> weeks,>and this game has good replay value... Furthermore, beating 
> the triple
> >Nightmares in Hell Mode is extremely difficult, though not 
> impossible.>One can say it's a true test of geek-hood!
> >
> >Congrats on getting your Black DS. (Mine is the standard Silver one,
> >so I guess I'm a little bit jealous...)
> >
> >- Ofer
> >
> >
> >
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> >From: Richard Fung <aoshi00 at hotmail.com>
> >Date: Tuesday, July 26, 2005 8:23 pm
> >Subject: Re: RE: [MA-SOC] Jump Super Stars (DS)
> >
> > > Exactly, that's why I was in no rush of getting the DS and PSP a
> > > while ago,
> > > just no killer apps yet.
> > > Plus I was afraid of the infamous Sony bugs.
> > >
> > > So now I just ordered online over the weekend my Black DS (w/ 
> > > protectors, headphones, & Goemon Mystical Ninja game) for $240,
> > > it's on the
> > > way.. Also, I bought "Feel the Magic" and pre-ordered "Jump Super
> > > Stars"
> > > from NCSX, hopefully they'd come thru w/ the first press edition
> > > bonus book
> > > (and Castlevania DS in August).  It better be worth it.
> > >
> > > Question, is there a lot of voice over in "Feel the Magic"?  I'm
> > > wondering
> > > if I should get the import version as well (probably not much
> > > replay value
> > > though).
> > >
> > > Rich
> > >
> >
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