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Danny Minhas sejiro at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 27 22:16:57 EDT 2005


Why are you getting involved?  I'm sure Seth could
have emailed me privately, but he didn't because he
wanted to make it a point to everyone.  I could've
quietly responded to Seth, but since this came out in
the open I had no choice to defend myself pubicly.

Anyways, last I spoke to you, you were afraid of
losing your job to outsourcing.  I'm assuming you've
found another job, or avoided being laid off.  

My point is, why are you involving yourself into a
topic that is between Seth and myself.  To my
knowledge ,you do not run this mail-list. Seth runs
it, and if I disagree, I will disagree with him.  I am
very certain Seth will listen to my reasonings. 
However he is the judge, jury, and excutioner.  His
rulling matters and we all must respect it.  I will
not disagree to you, because you have no importance in
this topic.

Now please do not feel slighted in whatsoever way, if
you feel I insulted the gays, then so be it.  But for
the other 60% of the people on this list that know me
personally.  They all know that I am not insulting, I
am just using street slang (or whatever it is called

Now if you want to flame, continue to do so; however,
don't waste my time anymores.

--- z5yg8vsrs001 at sneakemail.com wrote:

> Danny Minhas sejiro-at-yahoo.com |Metro
> Anime/1.0-Allow| wrote:
> > That's gay.
> You shouldn't use the word "gay" as an insult. It
> makes you look ignorant.
> ---Charles Hall
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