[MA-SOC] Cheap ways to get to Otakon

Ofer Hirsch Gill ohg200 at nyu.edu
Fri Jul 15 11:16:18 EDT 2005

The Amtrak discount sounds like a great idea. Anyone else in with me?

- Ofer

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Date: Friday, July 15, 2005 9:44 am
Subject: [MA-SOC] Cheap ways to get to Otakon

> From: Rymel <rymelsleeps at gmail.com>
> > :p  i've never done this before, so if anyone can throw me some
> > information/advice, it'd totally be appreciated!
> If you value your sanity, DON'T do the group 
> bus/car/minivan/clubvan rental thing.  It's been done before by 
> several people on this list, and we've all had horror stories - 
> some of which were recently posted.
> To be honest, a group of friends wanting to travel cheaply to 
> Otakon can't beat the current deal Amtrak is running called "Share 
> Fares".  Basically, any group of 3-6 people pay full price for the 
> first two tickets and can buy the next 1-4 tickets at 90% (ninety 
> percent) off.  You split the total cost among the group.
> I just computed a sample fare for 5 people going from Penn Station 
> (NYP) to Baltimore (BAL) leaving on Thursday Aug. 18 and returning 
> Sunday Aug. 22.  The total, with the discount is $349.60, which 
> would amount to about $70 per person.
> Renting any kind of vehicle, once you figure in tax, insurance, 
> gas, tolls and parking will very likely cost a lot more than that 
> (iirc, one year it was over $100 per person)  And, you'll be wiped 
> out from driving, which makes the whole trip less enjoyable.  
> Plus, there is *ALWAYS* traffic on I-95 on Sunday.  One year it 
> took us nearly 6 hours to make the normal 3 hour drive.
> Details about the Amtrak discount can be found here:
> http://www.amtrak.com/servlet/ContentServer?
> (or go to http://www.amtrak.com and click on the "share fares" 
> The Discount Code is - H545.
> There's also the bus, which others have (or can) chime in about.
> --Angela W.
> (No, I don't work for Amtrak ;-)
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