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Does anybody else remember the American adaptation "Marine Boy" (known in
Japan as "Kaitei Shonen Marien")?

This, along with Speed Racer ("Mach Go Go Go"), is one of the two first
anime series that I ever watched.  Whereas Speed Racer retains a very
sizable cult following to this day (anybody see the Speed Racer Geico
insurance commercial?), Marine Boy seems very nearly lost to history.  It
was broadcast in America in the very early '70s by Seven Arts Television and
featured American voice actress Corinne Orr (Speed Racer's Trixie) as the
voice of both of the main characters, Marine Boy himself and Neptina the
Mermaid Girl.

Marine Boy fought criminals under the ocean, he had a red-orange diving suit
that stretched up the sides of his head but did not cover his hair.  He had
sticks of special gum that provided him with oxygen underwater as he chewed
them, and he hung out with Neptina the Mermaid and an annoying dolphin.  He
threw boomerangs at bad guys.  I believe I was in kindergarten at the time,
but even then it registered with me that Neptina was pretty hot, and if I
remember correctly like Disney's Ariel her clothing consisted of nothing
more than a clamshell bra.

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> >
> > > It was through those broadcasts that we discovered the joys of
> > > old-school anime.... series like CAPTAIN HARLOCK (bishie space  pirate
> >with
> > > an
> > > eyepatch fighting intergalactic baddies), GALAXY EXPRESS 999  (strange
> > > little boy
> > > named Tetsuro and his strange older woman friend Maetel  riding a
> >mysterious
> > >
> > > train between the stars -- shades of Miyazawa's  NIGHT ON THE MILKY
> > > RAILROAD?), and IKKYU-SAN (precocious kawai'i child  Buddhist monk
> >solves
> > > everyone's
> > > problems with sharp mind and dharma wisdom --  oddly, based on a
> >real-life
> > > monk who grew up to be rather like INU YASHA's  "Miroku").
> >
> >I was too young to remember Captain Harlock.  But I do however remember
> >watching Galaxy Express 999
> >and Cyborg 009.
> All I remember from Ikkyu-san was the title and the stupid theme song ^^..
> My dad used to tease me "Who's the monk Ikkyu" when I had a crew cut as a
> kid.  Galaxy Express 999 was called Millenium Queen in HK.  I remember
> watching it, but Matsumoto Leiji's art is just too weird for me (back then
> and today), like I could never seem to "like" the art of One Piece by Oda
> Ei'ichirou.. Yep, there were "Heidi of the Alps", "Candy Candy", "Creamy
> Mami", "Rokushin Gattai God Mars", all the good stuff from the late 70's
> early 80's.. I can't even count how many "combined robot" shows I've seen
> a kid.  The Chougoukin metal toys I owned for God Mars, the Valkyries of
> Macross, Voltron, models of Gundam, Saint Seiya, etc (and later models of
> Tekkaman Blade, Patlabor, Five Star Stories, of course I sucked at
> them), I've lost all of them now.. Has anyone seen this robot anime where
> kids battle each other w/ miniature robots transformed from "cigarette
> lighters"?  The main robot is a blocky gold lighter and the theme song was
> awesome as heck.
> >Actually, since I'm Japanese (well actually a Nisei), I've been around
> >anime
> >since childhood.
> >But I didn't become an otaku until near the end of high school and my
> >fateful
> >encounter
> >with Macross: Do You Remember Love.
> Are you in your 20's Kenta?  I don't know if there's a turning point for
> since I've been watching anime since forever, if anything, I guess it'd be
> Dragonball that did it for me.. And of course, who could forget Minmay's
> songs.. like Angel's Paints (Tenchi no e-no-gu) and Do You Remember Love,
> defining a generation.. Iijima Mari was so beautiful..
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> >Watching real life soccer kinda pales in comparison to what's in
> >^_^;
> >But CapTsuba certainly does a good job in getting kids to play/get
> >interested
> >in soccer.  It's even said that Zinedine Zidane (French soccer superstar)
> >was
> >inspired by Captain Tsubasa.
> Unlike Japan that has baseball, like many countries, Soccer was pretty
> popular all along in HK and was pretty much the only sport even before
> Captain Tsubasa (at least until the basketball wave came along w/ the Slam
> Dunk manga and NBA), of course the anime makes anything look 100 fold
> better.
> We played on concrete ground, so we'd probably crack our heads open if we
> the overhead shots ^^.
> >I absolutely loved the tankobon covers he gave for Dragon Ball.  His art
> >style is very unique and easily identifiable.  I especially like how he
> >depicts
> >vehicles.
> Exactly! The dude knows how to draw cars (Toriyama has so many model cars
> his room), not to mention bikes, dragons, environments, and action scenes
> like nobody else's business, what I loved most about Toriyama is his
> choreography.  I was so mesmerized by his unique style I studied them a
>   Just based on a couple of illustrations he did, now I still wish that he
> would do a manga of "Chrono Tirgger"..  guess that's impossible now that
> he's semi-retired and is doing only his light gag manga Neko-majin every
> once in a while.  It is my dream to one day draw a "Chrono Trigger" or a
> "Chocolate War" (Robert Cormier book ^^) on my own, I've worked out the
> char. designs and everything.. I've been saying that ever since I was in
> college, sigh..
> > > >4. Touch
> >I've finished reading Katsu.  Volume 16 was the last one.  Waiting to see
> >what Adachi will come up with next.  Does anyone know if Adachi has
> >something new in Shounen Sunday?
> >
> >I didn't particularly like the live-action H2.  I stopped watching it
> >the first 4 eps.  The acting was just short of terrible.  Only the actor
> >for
> >Hiro seemed to be in character.  The actress for Haruko was cute but she
> >was
> >acting a little too goofy for an Adachi character.
> I know it's a little out there, Hikaru is like so "boke" in the drama.
> isn't she really really really cute though ^^?  Actually I thought the
> action Hideo, Hikari, and Haruka all look quite faithful to the manga,
> in terms of looks and the way they speak, except Hiro.  But the different
> portrayal of Hiro in the drama is still interesting.  I'm enjoying my H2
> set greatly as now I'm much more familiar w/ the seiyuu cast, back then
> there were newbies.. Hideo (Ayame in Fruits Basket, Roger in Big O),
> (Shizuka in HanaDan), Haruka (ChaCha in Akazukin ChaCha, main girl in
> Mizuiro Jidai), Hiro (Pantsu-taro in Ranma 1/2).  Wish they'd include more
> extras though, rather than the photo sheets and the stainless steel mug
> which no one's ever gonna use anyway..
> >Btw, there's going to be a live-action Touch movie coming out later this
> >year.  Official website here: http://touch.yahoo.co.jp/
> Thanks for the link, I was thinking when they're going to do the live
> for Touch.  It should be good.
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> >
> I tend to like mystery/horror/drama and stuff with attention to
> >character development. I'm not so much into the straight-up shonen
> >stuff or genres like sports anime unless it's something more complex like
> >Hikaru no Go, which is so beyond just being a sports anime. :)
> Well, before Hikaru no Go came along, all the other sports or fighting
> in the past have the chararcter development that people keep saying Hikaru
> no Go has anyway, it just so happens that it's a manga about "Go" and is
> rather recent (Death Note I'm just reading the Japanese tankoubon, so I
> don't care Viz picking it up, can't stand them).  Like Togashi (Yu Yu,
> Hunter x Hunter) said, it all boils down to the characters (good story is
> given).  If you get that down, everything else gets taken care of.  Like
> Adachi's sports/romance/youth manga that's adorned by a generation of
> if I just want to watch a baseball game, I wouldn't go to manga/anime.
> Instead, there's so much background behind his characters and their
> relationship w/ each other is so deep and complex, you come to care about
> them and subsequently the sports that they play is much more significant,
> and you are moved by the passion they have for their dreams..  Or like
> Kurumada Masami (Ring ni Kakero and Saint Seiya), it taught a whole
> generation of fans of what real men "otoko" is.  I watch all kinds of
> anyway, but since somebody asked what my "all-time top five" is, I listed
> those that were most influential to my life, otherwise the list would be
> endless.
> In addtion to stories, art is also very important to me as I draw myself.
> To this day, other than Toriayma, Adachi, or Takada Akemi (uesd to like
> during the Creamy Mami and Orange Road days, her style changed a lot over
> the years too). my favorite drawing style is still that of Araki
> Shingo/Himeno Michi (Rose of Versailles, Saint Seiya, etc). Such fine
> of shoujo style by Himeno backed by Araki's art direction (there was a
> French animator who was a Saint Seiya fanatic and could draw exactly like
> them.. Japan should've hired him to helm the Hades OVA..)
> Here's some link for their drawings,
> Saint Seiya illust.
> http://users.animanga.com/stayka/st-cthsh.html
> Rose of Versailles Illust.
> http://digilander.libero.it/VIGDIS/Versailles_Rose/art_gallery1.htm
> Rich
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