[MA-SOC] Re: Fushigi Yuugi (Yugi), etc.

Willow Ravencraft EandZB at att.net
Fri Jul 8 10:31:09 EDT 2005

actually I bought an import complete collection set that gives
me the whole tv series and ova.  is there something else besides
the ova and tv series? if not then I have them all now.
I am enjoying what I see so far, guess everyone had different
tastes of course:-), I find it funny and fun to watch and I"m
only on episode 4 I believe.

I have found I enjoy most genres of anime so far but maybe the
mecha ones a bit less then all others.
I find at times mecha animes to sci fi for me and can become a
bit boring.

I like to experiment and usually if I see a few episodes or read
about the anime I am willing to take the chance to see it.
arigatou, *peace

>  I strongly recommend you watch the TV series first.
> The series is quite long and is uneven in quality.
> Certain episodes are stellar, but the majority of them
> I yawned through. You can easily skip the first eight
> episodes or so (although when I fast forwarded through
> them, I missed an important bit of info on Nuriko,
> which confused the hell out of me later.) You might
> want to use a spoiler-free episode guide to pick out
> the ones worth watching.
>  There is one major tearjerker moment that made me
> stop watching the series for six months. You have been
> warned =P
>  - Q

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