[MA-SOC] Re:non-anime-OT: Korean drama-Daejanggeum, or Jewel in the Palace,

Willow Ravencraft EandZB at att.net
Thu Jul 7 12:22:49 EDT 2005

> Yup..it's a great series!!! I love it! I was watching it last month..as it
> was airing in HK. So I saw the whole thing in cantonese, then watch it in
> Korean, and then watch it in Mandarin w/my parents in CCTV.. Love the little
> intro given by Bowie Lam in the HK version.

wow, ok well obvisouly you speak those languages eh?:-)
I love listening to the languages but if it wasn't for the
subtitles I'd be lost,
guess they don't include the intro part with the showing on AZN.

> It alittle on Korean history and
> culture. Very good...

yes I like that, she obvisouly was an amazing woman and I really
like the way it's
based on history but isn't too dry and matter of fact.

> Am I ODing.. nope. The Korean version for me was just for
> fun, learn some korean, but that's that.

for those that are going to have a ? appear above their heads,
what does ODing mean?
Willow (yanagi)

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