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Oneirophile at aol.com Oneirophile at aol.com
Wed Dec 28 21:27:05 EST 2005

Kombanwa Mina-san,
I just wrote an e-mail to my buddy Mark exhorting him to join Metro  Anime in 
2006.  As a motivating factor (or so I thought), I  referred him to our site 
After sending him the e-mail, I decided to give the site a  look-see myself, 
which I hadn't done in a long time.
What a shock!  The Main Page hasn't been updated since August, the  most 
recent event listed on the Events Page was 18 September, the Mailing Lists  page 
still lists the Go Club (which AFAIK hasn't been active for nearly a year),  
and the Shopping Resources and Japanese Culture Pages are empty except for an  
angsty Furuba character and an apology.
When Mark or anybody else thinking about joining MA checks out our site,  
that's what they're going to see.  Would that motivate anyone to join  us?  
Methinks not.
I know that it's hard work to set up an attractive, complex website  
(certainly, I couldn't do it in a million years), and I don't want to sound like  a 
nit-picker.  But guys and gals, couldn't we do something to update,  upgrade, 
flesh out and beautify the Metro Anime website?  When we tell  someone about our 
group, wouldn't it be nice to be able to refer them to an  incredible website 
that would make them WANT to join?
I know we have several stellar techies in our midst who'd be able to take  
care of the graphic aspects, several experts in anime, manga, and Asian culture  
who'd be able to write up some kickass material for the Japanese  Culture 
page, and dozens of members who can contribute info about online and  real-world 
merchants to create a comprehensive Shopping Resources Page.
Our website ought to reflect US, and (as otaku go, anyway) we're a pretty  
cool bunch of people.  So how about it, gang?  I propose a "Save the  Metro 
Anime Website" campaign for 2006.  What do you think?
Just 2 Yen from the World's Oldest Newbie,
The Jillster
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