[MA-SOC] "Barbie-Girl"?

TRAN, Si Bang mstchin at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 20 17:29:50 EST 2005

To:	Anybody, Everybody And Somebody
From:	Maikeru
Date:	2005 December 20 Tuesday
Subj:	[MA-SOC] "Barbie-Girl"?
Hello Everyone:
	Since many, here on the Metro Anime Social e-mail
distribution list, are knowledgeable about Japanese popular
culture and Japanese youth culture, can someone, please, inform
me as to what the term "Barbie-Girl" means in Japan?  
	I have recently finished reading the English translation
of *Hebi Ni Piasu {Snakes And Earrings]*, and the term
"Barbie-Girl", is used by some of the characers, to
describe/tease another character, who denys being a
"Barbie-Girl".  The character called a "Barbie-Girl", does not
make me think of Barbie, the Mattel Doll, either.  
	And yes, I made it into the office, today, for work.  
			"Victories have to be won,
			since they can never be commanded,
			and hence battles have to be fought."

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