[MA-SOC] Harry Potter 4, *SPOILERS* for those who haven't seen/read it!

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Hi "nyanimefool" (what is your name, anyway?) --
I would strongly suggest that you join your fellow Metro Anime members  Ofer, 
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As mentioned before, just go to this URL:
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I meant,  assuming Voldemort wasn't behind the whole thing, when Harry
touches the  cup what would have happened?  Nobody was monitoring them to see
if  they were still in the maze?  The cup was just really shiny and not  a
portal?  I know Moody "spiked" the cup to make it that way but  assuming the
competition went as it was suppose to, the maze would have  opened for
everyone when a winner was established?

You mentioned  Dobby.  I hope he tries to "save Harry's life"  again.

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