[MA-SOC] "Anime Explosion: It's... Profitmón!"

TRAN, Si Bang mstchin at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 5 13:00:12 EST 2005

To:	Anybody, Everybody And Somebody
From:	Maikeru
Date:	2005 December 5 Monday
Subj:	[MA-SOC] "Anime Explosion: It's... Profitmón!"
Hello Everyone:
	I know that the article is not new, but have people read
the "Anime Explosion: It's... Profitmón!" article in the 2005
November 28 Monday issue of *Fortune* magazine?  
	If so, does anyone have any comments and/or thoughts
about "Anime Explosion: It's... Profitmón!"?  
			"... it's "bad" to eat people
			but "good" to kill them ... "

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