[MA-SOC] Danielle, HP4, NARNIA, & shameless plug for Hogwarts Local NYC!

Oneirophile at aol.com Oneirophile at aol.com
Mon Dec 5 06:03:06 EST 2005

Hey there Danielle!
Not to worry, both this and your other post on the subject appeared on  
MA-SOC, despite the bounce from Hogwarts Local NYC -- which no doubt occurred  
because you are not (yet) a registered member of HLNYC.
Which leads me to ask.... so how come you *ain't* a registered member of  
HLNYC?  You are obviously a Potterphile to some extent, and membership is  free 
(just as for Metro Anime).  We have lots of cool online discussions,  and in 
addition to movie excursions we have dinners, informal parties,  etc.  Besides, 
there's already a bit of overlap between the two groups --  i.e., myself, 
Ofer, and Ricardo.  (Shout-out to our buddy on the DL:   How did the surgery go?)
So consider this an invite to you, and any other Harry Potter otaku in MA,  
to join Hogwarts Local NYC as well.  Just go to this URL and follow  directions 
to join:
If you don't yet have a Yahoogroups account, no prob -- the account  is free 
too.  Simply follow step-by-step prompts for  registering.
I've already seen GOBLET OF FIRE twice, and like Erin-san I believe it is  
the best of the HP films so far.  I know you'll love it, and even more  so if 
you see it in IMAX, which really makes a difference in the viewing  experience.
Re THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE:  Last I heard, Maikeru  suggested 
that we see it on Saturday the 17th, though no specific time or  theater was 
mentioned yet, and I assume such information won't be listed online  until it 
actually opens (in four days).  So far, Saturday the 17th is  "Fein" for me.... 
anyone else want to go on that date?
C ya soon, hopefully with both MA and HLNYC!
Hugz from your Burukkurin buddy,
+ + + + + + +  + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
("Bidden or not bidden, God is present")
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In a message dated 12/4/2005 9:23:51 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,  
merriwebtwo at yahoo.com writes:

Hi Metro  Anime folks!

I'm resending this email -- accidently left in  the
Hogwarts list's email address, so it didn't go thru.
Would that be  considered a bounce? Oh, well -- so here
it is again. :-)

Also, if  it's not too late, I'd also like to join you
guys for seeing Narnia next  weekend!


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