[MA-SOC] Anime and Manga Sale from my library

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Haven't watched enough of "Kyou kara Maoh!", but yes, I wholeheartedly 
agree, Wolfram (is that his name) is quite charming.  I especially love his 
voice by the sexy Saiga Mitsuki (Phantom in "Marchen Awakens Romance", Okita 
Soushi in "Kurogane Peacemaker", damn she really sounds like a guy..), I 
like her best next to Ogata Megumi, in terms of voice actresses voicing 
boys.  There is another VA whom I am fond of as well in this past year, it's 
Inoue Marina (Kanmuri Shigeru in "Yakitate!! Japan", you know the pink hair 
guy who uses the Ocean yeast), awesome singing voice, she sings the Ending 
for Ginban Kaleidoscope, the figure-skating anime.

BTW, I just picked up the 6th Season Simpsons DVD set (you know the Homer 
head) at the Thanksgiving sale.  The commentary is so hilarious, the voice 
of Homer, Marge, and Lisa were there too, it's so fun to hear them speak in 
their natural voices ^^.


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>True but damn if our "hero" Yuri doesn't have one HOT
>bishie for a fiance'!
>and a WILLING fiance at that!
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> > Best blurb ever. :D
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