[MA-SOC] Otakon 2005

DJ Ranma S ranma at djranmas.net
Mon Aug 29 13:20:37 EDT 2005

Otakon will never get the bands I like and Otakon already beat AX's 
attendance record like 3+ years in a row! :D
Tanusukma, Peggy wrote:

>Well, no... :) But since I'm not planning to go to Otakon at all next year
>unless there's a musical guest of his caliber, I figured it won't hurt to
>ask...Pity Luna Sea is more or less disbanded right now.....I'll even take
>Kagrra. Heck, even Ayumi Hamasaki would be acceptable....Besides, I know YOU
>can handle it....imagine, 30k plus otakus in attendance :p Otakon will beat
>AX as the biggest!
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