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Sun Aug 28 19:42:45 EDT 2005

.... and doomo arigatoo gozaimashita to you too, Erin-san!  Am  bcc'ing your 
recommendations [below] to my friend too, with yet  another hint for him to 
join our lists....
[subscribe to both lists at this site]
.... and start those reviews coming to MA-SOC whenever the spirit moves  him!
Heiwa to megumi,
Jiru Yasha
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("Bidden or not bidden, God is present")
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Samurai Gun looks action packed from the trailer, but it's hard to say if  it 
might be any good beyond that. If your friend watches it, I'd like to  know 
if it's good or not. I might rent it.

I recommend Ghost in the  Shell in this order!!

1. Read the original manga - it's only one volume.  There are a couple of 
pages of some rather explicit nudity at one point, but  hopefully that won't 
bother you, and it only happens once.

2. Watch  Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. The first DVD is kinda 
dull, but  once it starts in on the Laughing Man arc it frigging rules!! The  
second-to-last episode almost made me cry. It's great.

3. Then watch  the first and second theatrical movies. At this point, they'd 
make sense.  The older movie can be really boring if you haven't read the 
manga - and the  newer movie, Innocence, is very talky at pretentious. Which 
isn't to say I  didn't like it. I tend to like things that go over my head.

4. Eagerly  wait for the release of Stand Alone Complex: Second Gig as it 
comes out this  October. I've only seen two episodes from it but bother were 
great and  on-par with the first Stand ALone Complex  series.

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