[MA-SOC] Otakon 2005

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Thu Aug 25 12:02:59 EDT 2005


I didn't catch any panels. The video game making
workshop ended early, much to my disappointment. I
also (for once) wanted to go to the voice actor panels
and autograph sessions, but the legions of barely
legal (if even) Vic Mog-something fangirls were
terrifying. So no autographs on Ed Elric or Roy
Mustang merchandise for Q (sigh...)

Erin, how was the Iron Editor competition? I missed
that too.

A huge bulk of my time was spent jumping between
hotels gathering pieces of my costume or hanging
around the lower level for the multiple photoshoots. 

Stuff I watched: My Beautiful Girl Mari (boring).
Steamboy (preachy). Oldboy (what the fuck is wrong
with us Koreans?!!!). Rose of Versailles (good stuff).
Assorted AMVS and the AMV contest (excellent). Midori
Days (disturbing and wrong). I didn't go into too many
Video rooms as they were stinky.

Other anime I have seen elsewhere and recommend:
Tenjou Tenge (you want to watch the hot chick fight in
the bathroom. oh yes you do.) Elfen Lied (satisfy your
bloodlust quota). Howl's Moving Castle. And stuff I
can't remember right now.

The Masquerade was boring so I left early. The best
skit was the most disturbing one - a re-enactment of
Episode 7 of Full Metal Alchemist. In other words, the
Nina episode. I caught a preview of the skit during a
Friday morning photoshoot. It was well done, but so
wrong. I must admit that the Scar looked awesome (the
best I've seen to date), and it's a shame I didn't get
to chat with him. I heard Teen Titans won best of

Winners of AMV contest: Naruto Technique Beat
(Action), I Walk Alone (drama), Sailor Love Story
(Romance, and it's yuri!), Wizard of Osaka (comedy)
and Waka-Laka Osaka (up-beat).

I didn't get to meet as many new people as I normally
do, which is odd for me. There were people who I
wanted to spend more time with, but I got swept away
with other activities. I don't know where the time

Most amusing incident: the competition over Hot Roy.
Three females and two males notice Hot Roy. All of us
approach Hot Roy. Arm-grabbing and "I saw him first!"
ensues. Hot Roy wanders away. "Noooo! You suck! This
is your fault! No come back! I want to invite you to
the party!" 

Worst time for digital camera's memory card to fill up
AND for the batteries to die: the end of the Sat
Bleach photoshoot, with hysterical fight poses and an
Ishida (sp?) that was hotter than Hot Roy.

The Rave: I didn't bother. I could smell it from the
level below. Ugh.

Social Gatherings: No one informed me of any
Mega-parties this year, and I was too distracted to
dig up any info myself. Hence I missed the Tremont
party (grrrr). On the other hand, I hung out in the
Harbor Court and found out how many women one can fit
into a giant bathroom with a hot tub. My aching feet
were so happy! What makes the Girls Only Hot Tub extra
funny was that in previous years, my male friends all
say that my large parties are a sausage-fest. They
wanted more women. This year I brought women. And
where were the men? At some hentai panel! (That's
fine, it's not like men were wanted around anyway =P )

The Dealer's room was a rip-off when I stuck my head
in, so I didn't get anything. Has anyone been to
Chinatown recently? Do the stores sell pencil boards
now? How are the plushie prices? I want an Ed Elric
and Winry something-or-other to display with my
Biomaterials and Prosthetics textbook. The Artist's
Alley was fantastic - much of the artwork is better
than official wall scrolls and posters!

Sunday ended with the wonderful, relaxing Piano Squall
concert. This was a guy dressed as Squall playing
music from Square classics such as Chrono Trigger,
Chrono Cross, and the Final Fantasies. During Aeris's
theme, a couple got engaged onstage. Awwww.

 - Q (still tired)

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