[MA-SOC] "File Share And Share Alike"

CHÉN, Shìh-P'éng mstchin at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 23 14:46:06 EDT 2005

To:	Anybody, Everybody And Somebody
From:	Maikeru, aka Màikè, aka Maik'ûl
Date:	2005 August 23 Tuesday
Subj:	[MA-WORK] "File Share And Share Alike"
Hello Everyone:
	Did anyone happen to read the sidebar article "File
Share And Share Alike", by Mr. Charles SOLOMON, in the Arts
section of this past August 21 Sunday's *The New York Times*?  
	Anyone have any thoughts about "File Share And Share
Alike" they would like to share?  
		"You wish us victory.  It goes without saying we
		wish it too.  But there will be no victory!  I
		am afraid we will lose half the squadron on our
		way to the Far East.  If this does not happen,
		the Japanese will annihilate us.  Their ships
		are better and they are real sailors.  I can
		promise you one single thing: we will all die
		but never surrender."

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