[MA-SOC] "Go Go Power Rangers".... to the slammer?

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Which Power Ranger was he?  I can't find his name in any credits.

On 8/17/05, Oneirophile at aol.com <Oneirophile at aol.com> wrote:
> Former Child Star to Stand Trial for Murder
> Prosecutors Say Man and  Wife Threw California Couple Off Yacht
> By Tori Richards, Reuters
> SANTA ANA, Calif. (Aug. 16) - A former child actor and his  wife were ordered
> to stand trial on Tuesday for the murder of a wealthy  California couple who,
> prosecutors say, were tied to the anchor of their yacht  and thrown overboard
> alive, never to be seen again.
> Orange County Superior Court Judge John Conley ordered  26-year-old Skylar
> Deleon, who once starred in the "Power Rangers" TV series,  and his wife,
> 24-year-old Jennifer Henderson Deleon, to stand trial for the  murders after a
> two-day preliminary hearing in Santa Ana, south of Los  Angeles.
> Also bound over for trial in the case, which baffled police  for months as
> they searched for the missing couple, were a member of the Crips  street gang
> and a prison guard who are accused of helping carry out a conspiracy  to steal
> the 55-foot luxury yacht "Well Deserved."
> "It's haunting to think these nice, loving people were  trying to hold their
> breaths as they sank to the bottom of the ocean," Deputy  District Attorney
> Matt Murphy said during the hearing. "This is as cold-blooded  as it gets."
> Prosecutors say Deleon came up with the plot after spotting  the yacht for
> sale in a boating magazine last November and meeting owners Thomas  Hawks, 57,
> and his 47-year-old wife Jackie.
> He is accused of enlisting the help of 40-year-old gang  member John
> Fitzgerald Kennedy and ex-jailer Alonso Machain, 21, to carry out  the murder on Nov.
> 15, 2004. Machain has since confessed to police and will be  tried separately.
> Attorneys for the Deleons rejected the charges and during  the hearing
> attacked the credibility of Machain, who is expected to be a star  witness for the
> prosecution.
> A police detective testified during the hearing that Deleon  and his
> then-pregnant wife posed as interested buyers and convinced the Hawks to  take the
> yacht on a test run.
> Miles off the coast of Newport Beach, prosecutors say,  Thomas and Jackie
> Hawks were attacked with a stun gun, handcuffed and gagged  with duct tape. After
> signing over power of attorney to one assailant, they were  tied to the
> boat's 66-pound anchor and thrown overboard.
> The couple was reported missing by relatives and police  were led to the
> Deleons, who produced a bill of sale for the yacht and the power  of attorney.
> Authorities believe the bill of sale was falsified.
> Police also found that Deleon had unsuccessfully tried to  access the Hawks'
> bank account in Arizona using the power of attorney.
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