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Daniel Lee DanielL at Review.com
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Yeah the name is misleading. They have all the usual dishes. I'm
somewhat new to NYC and this is one of the cheapest in Manhattan that
I've found. I love the Neng Myun Kalbi Summer special. You get an order
of cold noodles with Kalbi on the side. Perfect summer food ... 

Also when you order meat, you can order with duk (steamed rice cake) to
wrap around your meat besides the usual lettuce. I thought this was only
on the west coast.

There's this place called Golden Dragon, Kum Ryung, that has
Korean-Chinese dishes that are pretty cheap. I believe they make their
own noodles. I've had the spicy seafood noodle dish and black bean sauce
noodles and they were pretty good. Of course, the best I had is still in

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Hi Angela, et al --
Well, guess what, I ate (solo) at NATURAL TOFU after the meeting, and it
*incredible* and *cheap*!!
For starters, not everything has tofu -- the tofu casseroles are just a

subset of their dishes, which also happen to include BBQ of all kinds.
Since I'm not a red-meat-eater, I personally ordered a vegetarian tofu  
casserole, specifying "medium spicy" (they give you a choice, ranging
from "very  
spicy" to "no spice".  I didn't know what I was in for!  First, a  bowl
of rice 
and eight large side dishes were placed at the table....  including
sesame oil flavored broccoli, marinated rice cakes, sweet  black beans,
gluten, spiced bean sprouts, spiced octopus (their idea of  "vegetarian"
apparently flexible, but I do eat seafood), and an egg.   Then the
itself, rich and bubbling-hot, in a ceramic tureen.  The  waiter ....
who BTW was 
otaku! .... asked if I wanted egg in that, I agreed, and  he broke the
into the casserole and showed me how to stir it in.   Everything was
and there was so much food I could hardly finish  it.
The price?  A big *$8.95* for the feast, plus $2 for a can of  soda.
total tab came to about $11 and change, plus tip.  Now  that's what I
call a 
For future reference, tomodachi-tachi, please try the place.... you will

love it, and so will your wallet!
Your resident foodie and Burukkurin buddy,
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("Bidden or not bidden, God is present")
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saihitei at earthlink.net writes:

I don't  know how many people are going to see this before the meeting,
I'm going  to vote against both choices.

Korean's not really my thing.  I  like Korean Barbeque occasionally
went last month with Juju & her  family).  But neither place does BBQ.

I'm also not a fan of  tofu.  I understand that there are other options.
if their  specialty is tofu, I don't count on the other options being
that great.  

Plus, both places are out of the price range most of us are willing to  
accept.  Remember after the May meeting, I suggested a place with
entrees  in the 
$10-15 range and *everyone* complained?  And then we ended up  going to
Italian place with similar prices...  A restaurant with an  average
price of $15 
or $25 isn't going to go over well either. At least, it  doesn't go over
for me.

Of course, if it's just me that objects, I  can always skip the


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