[MA-SOC] Otakon meetup..

Mokuren20 at aol.com Mokuren20 at aol.com
Sun Aug 7 03:37:10 EDT 2005

hey guys..
I was thinking..what about have several meetups?? Most of us are going be  
there on Thursday evening?? Right?? Can meet up then too...
For those who won't be there on Thur, can have a meet up on Fri,Sat,  
Big group is nice, but so are smaller group, ne ne?? I've been lucky in  
meeting/bumping into Metro ppl through out mi attending Otakon at various  places. 
Oh yeah.. I don't know if anyone is interested but Puffy AmiYumi gonna be  
there on Friday evening. One panel only.. I'm gonna attend, to see what's up  
w/this girl goup. I've only caught few episodes of their anime. All thanks to my 
 male nephew, while he was staying w/me. 
I wish I can do a live feed of the panel to him. He would love that!! Oh,  
he's 6 btw ^_^

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