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Sat Aug 6 14:23:05 EDT 2005

Either is fine with me but I might not be able to stay for the entire meeting, sad to say - errands, even work interferes.... 

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Bravo Woo!
Two excellent ideas, I'd be up for either one.  Here are some review  links:
Price-wise, I'd prefer Natural Tofu, because the average price is given as  
$15 as compared to $25 for Han Bat.  (Then again, as in Zagat's, most  reviews 
tend to overestimate average prices.)
For anyone who's afraid that Natural Tofu is a "veggie-only" place, read  the 
review and you'll see that there are enough carnivorous choices for  
everyone.  (Plus it's described as "good for groups".)
Time's getting short, and so far every other restaurant suggestion has  been 
nixed -- people, please, let's take a vote so we don't have to deal  with the 
usual restaurant chaos after tomorrow's festivities.  So, any  preferences 
between these two?
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There  also is a Natural Tofu place in the area whose specialty is Tofu 
casseroles  (Individual casseroles made of tofu, meat (or none - there are mushroom 
tofu  casseroles for vegetarians). It's relatively affordable (<$10 ish) 
though  I've not eaten there in a while. 

There also is Han Bat on 35th and 6th  ave. Han Bat has a much larger menu 
and serves general Korean food for cheap  (no BBQing on tables, so it's good if 
you don't want to come out smelling like  BBQ). They can probably seat us, but 
depending on how busy they are, we may  have to wait. They are used to 
handling large groups though, as they are often  the destination spot for the end of 
the NYC tour on Korean Tour buses.   

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