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Couple of things - anime collecting/viewing is by no means an inexpensive hobby. In fact, it IS an expensive hobby. 

And I don't find bootlegs acceptable to view, in general, because the quality is so darned variable (not to mention NONE of that money ever gets back to the creators of the show). 
You just have be more selective or use online rental services like netflix or greencine if you don't feel like getting the domestic releases themselves. The boxsets offered by various distributors of anime are pretty awesome in terms of price and sometimes beat bootleggers in price (and definitely in video quality). 

In general, I think the right thing to do is to either support them by getting series you truly enjoy, or at least view legit products through rental. Bootlegs in general are a no-no for many reasons (low video quality, highly variable subs, often no dub track (unless is a R1 Bootleg))

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Hey Erin,
 I finally got around to listing your podcast. You and N have great radio voices!
 I like your Rock Lee idea of a series of lethal shots, but shouldn't those shots be collectively called the Hachitonkoto (or whatever the hell the five gates are called in Japanese) instead of the Ura Renge? I also like your Kakashi drink. I made a Kakashi at one of the con parties and I don't remember what was in it.
I suspected dealer's rooms were becoming more of a ripoff than a bargain, but sheesh, the prices are ridiculous. They used to be more receptive to haggling. Note to self - visit Chinatown before going to Otakon, if possible. Perhaps merchandise girls like are more expensive because the dealers think the boyfriend will buy them? But that implies the boyfriends have greater purchasing power than the girls. I'm don't like that ...

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