[MA-SOC] The Anime Network, and Subtitles!

erin at pop.netculture.org erin at pop.netculture.org
Tue Aug 2 19:09:28 EDT 2005

Does anyone else on here watch the Anime Network?  It's a free on-demand 
network on RCN (and some other cable systems, but not all of them in the 

The major drawback to TAN thus far has been that only offer dubs.  
However, the other day I noticed they were showing Evangelion - SUBBED!!  
Subs on TV!  What a momentus occasion!

However, I can't find anything mentioning this on their webpage (which 
seems to take a long time to load).  And no one's mentioned it on 
animenewsnetwork or anything.  And then there's the part where Cartoon 
Network is going to be showing the series this fall, too.

I can't imagine that the Anime Network thinks that they could test ratings 
by showing Eva subbed after they've shown it several times all the way 
through dubbed since their launch, and it's been a decade or so since the 
show came out - it seems like anyone who wanted to see it subbed has 
probably long since had that opportunity.  Maybe.

Anyway, subs, yay!  Bring it on!

Actually the best part about the Anime Network is their new area called 
"Bento Beat Box" where you can watch J-pop and J-Rock videos.  Not like, 
tons of videos, but hey, it's more videos than I've seen on MTV in the 
past five years.

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