[MA-SOC] buying a laptop pc

Smokey The Balrog smokeythebalrog at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 31 00:59:45 EST 2004

Depends on brand and price.

Also, look into what graphics card it uses.  Especially if you plan to 
do any 3D or gaming stuff.  Also, the video card having it's own RAM is 
better than it sharing it with the rest of the system.

On Dec 31, 2004, at 12:38 AM, Richard l wrote:

> hi. i would greatly appreciate any advice on buying a laptop i'm 
> thinking about getting  broadband so i can download anime from the 
> web.
> so far i'm thinking about getting a dell with the following features
> p4 2.8Ghz mobile
> 15" xga lcd
> win xp home
> 1gb shared ddr ram
> 60-80gb hard drive
> 8* cd/dvd burner
> is this enough to start with or is there more??
> thanks
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