[MA-SOC] what's this? help moderators?

Seth Robertson seth at baka.org
Sat Dec 25 20:09:33 EST 2004

In message <41CC539A.5010803 at att.net>, Willow RavenMoon writes:

    I sent in a message to the group...got this back?

Somehow the email you sent didn't say ``To:
ma-nyc-soc at lists.baka.org'' but got there all the same.  It presumably
is being held for me (or one other lucky individual) to examine and
forward.  This check is to help prevent worms and spam from going
through.  We normally take care of these issues within 24 hours, but
holidays may delay such matters.

    also can someone send the info sent to us about the new email address
    and site...when some of us weren't sure about it we deleted the info,
    now I need it again, thanks.

Mail ``ma-nyc-soc-request at lists.baka.org'' the word "help" or visit

You will note the web address at the bottom of EVERY email.

					-Seth Robertson
					 seth at baka.org

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