Metro-memory lane (was RE: [MA-SOC] Organizing Metro Anime)

Mandisa Washington mandisaw at
Thu Dec 23 21:24:02 EST 2004

There's no need to be maudlin and morose, folks. Unfortunately, we've all
had bad experiences with so-called "formal" organizations, both within
anime fandom and without, which were neither more pleasant nor less
uncontrollable than the loosely-affiliated social group we have now. A nice
nest egg of money, elicited from either dues or donations, might seem like
a great opportunity to accomplish some of the membership's more ambitious
goals, but the process of determining and prioritizing those goals is a
drag, and tends to do more harm than good.

That said, though, the impromptu stroll down Metro-memory lane has made me
nostalgic for some nice stories from Metro past and present. I've heard the
various sighs and shudders of nightmarish outings and personality conflicts
(read: ego trips), but how about some tales of comradery and showmanship? I
still fondly recall the MALL-fundraiser auction/party when Seth played
auctioneer & emcee in a yukata, and Michelle & I upped the bidding on a
1st-edition Viz Nausicaa manga set, only to split it between us into odds &
evens *grin*.

Nostalgia is a bittersweet delight...


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