[MA-SOC] Ralph, Willow, and Barry!!

Danielle rojomada.two at verizon.net
Thu Dec 23 15:20:33 EST 2004

    Ralph, Willow, and Barry!!

   Are any of you coming to the Olive Garden for New Year's?

   Ralph, you never said yes or no, just maybe.

   Willow -- did you say yes or no? I can't remember!

   Barry -- did you say yes or no? I can't remember what you said, either!


     Me - 1
   Jill & family - (3)
   Sean  - 1
    Ralph - 1 (maybe)
    Woo - 1
   R. Torres - 1
   Mikeru - 1

   That's eight definite, one maybe, and room for ten.

   Folks, PLEASE let me know ASAP what your plans are! Even if you can't
make it/have other plans/are going to be abducted by aliens/what have you --
PLEASE let me know BEFORE New Year's, OK?

   Don't make me get out the electric cattle prod! ;-) ;-)


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