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To:	Anybody, Everybody And Somebody   
From:	Maikeru
Date:	2004 December 22 Wednesday
Subj:	Re: [MA-SOC] Organizing Metro Anime
Hello Everyone:
	I usually do not tire of informing people that there is
a videotape of most of the proceedings of that "infamous" Anime
Allance Summit meeting, back in 1998, courtesy of Amy, in the
Metro Anime Lending Library (MALL), for MALL members to borrow
and view (^_^).  
	Anyway, there have been lots of other excitements in the
drama, known as Metro Anime, which Angela forgot to mention, in
her message (^_^).  I, too, have been a "member" of Metro Anime
long enough to have witnessed most of the excitements.  
	I am also generally against the idea of dues.  Anyone
remember the two dollar annual MALL membership dues and the
animosity from the outgrowth group.  
	By the way, the history was current at the time it was
written.  And I beleive that Marilyn has edited the history, for
the web site.  
		"... tempered by war, disciplined by a hard and
		bitter peace, proud of our ancient heritage--and
		unwilling to witness or permit the slow undoing
		of those human rights to which this Nation has
		always been committed, and to which we are
		committed today at home and around the world."
--- saihitei at earthlink.net wrote:

> I think Ralph did mention in his initial message about merchandise that we were
> approaching Metro's 10th anniversary.
> Having been part of Metro for most of that time, and having seen/been a part of many
> of the assorted attempts at organization, I've become a bit leery of the idea of
> having a formal, dues-paying anime club (or even a formal non-dues paying club). 
> Most people don't stick around long enough to make that a worthwile endeavour.
> Maybe one of these days, someone who was there would be willing to recount the
> "infamous Alliance Summit" and all the on-list wrangling that took place before and
> after.  Or someone could tell the tale of Metro Anime's "Constitutional meeting" in
> the little theatre at SVA.  Or the meeting where the former 'president' passed the
> torch to a new leader, but wanted to keep himself essentially in charge as "executive
> director" or something like that...  (I've tried to block most of these from my
> memory)
> What seems to have worked best is the system that's been in place since around 2000,
> where a small group of people organize and run Metro's screening meetings (these are
> the people on this "MA-Workers" list that Ralph mentioned) and the mailing list is
> used for everyone to plan informal gatherings as they wish.   As the FAQ on the Metro
> website says, anyone who wants to volunteer to help just has to say so - either
> in-person, on this list,  or to Metro's general address "metroanime at yahoo.com".
> The group con-trip planning is, IMO, best left to whatever (un)lucky person wants to
> volunteer for that kind of torture.  It should say something though, that most of the
> people who've done group trip-planning of some form or another in the past (Ralph,
> Brian S, Juju, me) will no longer do it.
> BTW, there's a nice history - written in Michael's inimitable style - on the Metro
> Anime website: http://metroanime.celestialusagi.net/about.htm (the history remains
> unfinished, because there's no mention of our second Donnell Library event, or
> anything about the Maui Tacos meetings).
> --Angela
> Metro "member" since 1997 (I think...)
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