[MA-SOC] Metro Anime merchandise contest?

erin at pop.netculture.org erin at pop.netculture.org
Mon Dec 20 12:33:13 EST 2004

So when you do come up with some pin designs, I can provide some very 
cheap 1-inch circular pins, (sometimes known as punk rock pins - or 
buttons).  I know Ralph wants to make $15 cloissonne (cloisonn?) pins with 
the nice enamel and such, but I can make an infinate number of cheaper 
pins of however many different designs we like, for just 25 cents each.

So if there are alternate designs or designs that don't win the contest 
necessarily, I can make those into mega-affordable, 
practicly-giving-them-away priced pins.  I guess that goes for other anime 
clubs in the area that might be reading this, too.

How can I bring in such prices you ask?  I have a friend with a button 
machine, that's how.


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