[MA-SOC] Re: Metro Anime merchandise?

zoe zoe at metasomatic.net
Mon Dec 20 10:58:39 EST 2004

Hi Ralph,

Great idea! A pin might be the best option - they're "cool" and you don't
have to worry about having 5,000 extra "medium" t-shirts and no XL t-shirts
left over (or other irritating size-related problems like that). Jackets are
more of a specialty item, and thus might not sell as well.. although I think
that if they're designed as super-scary Japanese highschool gang trenchcoats
a la Touru's mom in Fruits Basket, i'd definitely buy one ;)

But yeah - design is pretty important. I don't think you'd have trouble
selling them if they were really hip looking!


+++ Ralph Young [19/12/04 20:43 -0500]:
> Years and years ago, a former president (back when we HAD presidents,
> before becoming the anarchy we are today) of Metro Anime arranged to create
> a set of Metro Anime cloissonne pins, which he sold to the members for
> around thirty bucks a pop.  To the best of my knowledge, that was the
> first, last and only time Metro has ever engaged in the much-honored
> practice of merchandising.

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