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Metro Anime has been something of a second family to me in the ten years I've 
lived in New York.

I feel the same way about you guys, even though I'm a comparatively new 
(elderly) addition to the "family".... ^_^

Since 2005 is going to mark our ten-year anniversary (counting from the 
meetings at the School of Visual Arts; Metro met less formally as early as 1994), I 
thought it might be cool to make something tangible to commemorate the 

Fantastic idea!  T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, and/or baseball caps with a 
newly designed logo ("Metro Anime 10th Anniversary 1995-2005" and some cool 
grafix) would be super, and if you'd like to make a profit we might be able to open 
an online store on the Cafe Press site


which is specifically for that sort of creative promotional merchandise.

My thought is, if I were to do such a thing and it actually made a profit, I 
would dedicate the same to help pay for a big anniversary party in 2005.  
However, I would rather hear if people would actually want such memorabilia for 
themselves rather than as a fund-raising donation.

IMHO we could get the best of both worlds by merchandising the shirts, mugs, 
and caps on the Cafe Press site to the public for profit, while having a new 
set of cloisonne pins with the anniversary logo made specially for ourselves.  
The price you proposed sounds pretty reasonable for a spiffy, durable pin that 
we could wear to meetings, film events, cons, etc.

And using any profits for a big anniversary bash would be GREAT!  So, count 
me in.

Peace and Pocky,
The Jillster

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