[MA-SOC] Metro Anime merchandise?

Ralph Young ralphyoung at sprintpcs.com
Sun Dec 19 20:43:56 EST 2004

Years and years ago, a former president (back when we HAD presidents, before becoming the anarchy we are today) of Metro Anime arranged to create a set of Metro Anime cloissonne pins, which he sold to the members for around thirty bucks a pop.  To the best of my knowledge, that was the first, last and only time Metro has ever engaged in the much-honored practice of merchandising.

It has been suggested again, and I'm considering arranging for it to happen.  I'd like to know if anybody is, in fact, interested in getting some kind of 'official' cloissonne pin, T-Shirt, coffee mug, or other object with advertising for Metro Anime on it.

Would anybody be interested in buying, say, a Metro Anime T-Shirt for about $15-20?  Or a metal pin for somewhere in the $20-40 range?  Or something else?  I'm open to suggestions.

My own Metro cloissonne pin is actually one of my most treasured sentimental possessions; Metro Anime has been something of a second family to me in the ten years I've lived in New York. Since 2005 is going to mark our ten-year anniversary (counting from the meetings at the School of Visual Arts; Metro met less formally as early as 1994), I thought it might be cool to make something tangible to commemorate the occasion.

My thought is, if I were to do such a thing and it actually made a profit, I would dedicate the same to help pay for a big anniversary party in 2005.  However, I would rather hear if people would actually want such memorabilia for themselves rather than as a fund-raising donation.

Does anybody have any comments on this idea?

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