[MA-SOC] Strange email

Seth Robertson seth at baka.org
Sun Dec 19 14:47:44 EST 2004

In message <BDEB3596.4252%rojomada.two at verizon.net>, Danielle writes:

       Today, I got a strange email claiming to be from Metro Anime,
    and it says that the mailing list is being switch from majordomo
    to something called mailman. There are several links to click for
    information (needless to say, I didn't click on any of them), and
    even gives me a new password to the list. I don't recall ever
    needing a password for Metro at all.

       What is this? It's not signed by anybody in charge of the list, nor were
    there any announcements on either the MA list or on the MA site. It's
    probably just a virus. So, has anybody else gotten this email?

That was me, your kindly list administrator.  In fact this was totally
legit.  I have switched to a new server and a new mail processing
system, and this was the official announcement of same.  It has been
under testing for some time and the -workers list has already been
switched over.

The password stuff is not necessary.  You *can* use it, but if you do
not (e.g when unsubscribing), it will just send you email verifying
that you indeed wanted to perform whatever action you asked to do.
The email suggested that it would be sent monthly, but I believe I
have it configured to NOT annoy you with said emails.

There might be some duplicate emails as people use both the new and
old addresses and while certain DNS changes propagate out onto the
net.  Hopefully these will all go away with a day or two.

Please feel free to contact me if you experience any difficulties or
have any concerns.

					-Seth Robertson
					 seth at baka.org

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