[MA] [NYC] Metro Anime Outing Announcement: May 15, May 23, June 5

Seth Robertson seth at baka.org
Sat Apr 30 10:10:32 EDT 2005

               MMMMM      MMMMMetro               Anime
               MMMMM      MMMMM                  AAA
               MMMMMM    M MMMM                 A AAA
               MM MMM   MM MMMM                AA  AAA
               MM MMMM  M  MMMM                A    AAA
               MM  MMM  M  MMMM               A     AAAA
               MM   MMMM   MMMM              AAAAAAAAAAAA
               MM   MMMM   MMMM             A         AAAA
               MM    MM    MMMM            AA          AAAA
               MM    MM    MMMM           AA            AAAA
              MMMMM        MMMMMM       AAAAA         AAAAAAA

			 May 1, 2005 12:01 PM
	  Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Watching Festival)
	    Brooklyn Botanical Garden: http://www.bbg.org
			  ($5 admission fee)
		  Somewhere on the Cherry Esplanade

			  Upcoming Meetings

		       May 15, 2005 @ Maui Taco
			 May 23, 2005 @ MoCCA
		 June 5, 2005 Shoujofest @ Maui Taco

Brooklyn Botanical Garden
1000 Washington Ave (between Eastern Parkway and Empire Blvd.)
Brooklyn, NY 11225

Near Eastern Parkway station (2 3 lines)
Near Prospect Park station (B Q lines)
Bus lines: B41, B43, B48, and B71
Parking available ($)

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