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So here's a question then, would you have an issue with an opt-in sort of

What if I gave you a chance to meet a guest, or win a prize if you agreed to
be tracked?

-Sean "Hellbuny" Chiochankitmun

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> *grins* I am NOT a pet, Trisha.
> All joking aside, it kind of sets the bar to the extreme in my opinion if
> they were to be used for anime cons... particularly small ones.
> I know that Yaoi Con has both badges and bracelets so that no one can
> transfer their badge to someone underage, which is completely
> understandable.  They've had that since the very first year they started
> that con, and it works like a charm.  The bracelets are waterproof, and
> they're bound to you... until you remove them with a pair of scissors, or if
> you PULL it off, which I don't recommend; that hurts.
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> Hey, it works for pets..... ;)
> Best,
> Trisha
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