[ACML] Organizers Summit at AX 2012?

Isaac Alexander isaacada1 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 12 16:27:06 EDT 2011

Anime Expo released a press release about their upcoming 2012 event.

What caught my eye is the following statement in the release.
"Immediately prior to the opening of AX 2012, SPJA will host an  industry-only conference for the organizers of local anime conventions  from across the country. The focus of this event will be on sharing  successful strategies for enhancing the fan experience at their  conventions and promoting further growth of anime and manga in the U.S."

I guess I'd like to request someone from the SPJA/AX come on this ml and further elaborate about this, or point
to an area on the net where a discussion can take place. I really like the description above about the event and
would love to hear further information. Especially since this list "is" the primary market for the event.


Isaac Alexander

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