[ACML] non-anime attractions attracting non anime fans

Dennis A. Amith nt2099 at sbcglobal.net
Wed May 14 11:29:56 EDT 2008

Chaz Baden (Anime Los Angeles) wrote:
> A few weeks ago, "Dennis A. Amith" <nt2099 at sbcglobal.net> said, when I
> was distracted:
>> Here in California an example of the choices:
> ...
>> Anime Los Angeles - Anime convention that integrates sci-fi
>> Ani-Magic - Anime convention that is where the majority of events are
>> cosplay-related and attendees are cosplayers
> Wait, what? Anime Los Angeles has lot in common with local sci-fi
> conventions as far as structure and management, but the CONTENT is all
> anime-related (or at least relates to what the anime fans are into).
> We have been trying to carve out a name for ourselves as being
> cosplay-friendly -- hall costume awards, masquerade run under ICG
> guidelines, Costume Repair Station, and so forth.
> Your point is well taken, though -- there are different conventions
> with different focuses. You left out Ani-Jam, though. (Sadly, this
> Fresno convention is the same weekend as Costume College, so I'll be
> unable to attend.)
> I'll let the inimitable Mr. Walker address whether you've fairly
> summed up that Lancaster event. Or maybe he already has, I'm WAY
> behind in reading my ACML digests.
Hi Chaz,

Has Anime Los Angeles changed?  My apologies.  I always was under the 
impression that your convention was a hybrid anime/sci-fi convention.  
But then again, a lot of those comments of being a hybrid convention was 
during your convention's first two years.  But in giving credit to your 
convention, one of our staff members at J!-ENT has always told me that 
among the conventions in Southern California, you and your staff have 
one of the most organized events that he really enjoys going to.

Not sure if Ani-Magic has changed a lot since then but I thought it was 
a unique convention because of it's catering towards cosplayers and what 
better place but to lounge around a large swimming pool, and kick back 
and everyone around are all cosplaying.  Granted, they have had a very 
cool video game room and Revell and staff have done well to incorporate 
anime-related activities for non-cosplayers as well. 

As for Ani-Jam, they are an anime con that is very important to their 
region and they are in a growing stage and in a similar position with 
many other small/mid-sized anime cons and a interesting convention 
music-wise as Kristine Sa is the musical headlining guest every year. 

But definitely have my eyes right now in the these independent organized 
cosplay events....primarily in Southern California such as the Lake 
Balboa "Sakura" Series 2008 in Van Nuys and other SoCal Spring gathering 

Several years ago, these type of events were typically among friends who 
were part of a cosplay circle but now, Hundreds of people attending 
these events all by word of mouth through blogs and social media 
networks.    I think cosplayers in California would like a cosplay event 
each month to attend and with anime conventions, Japanese festivals and 
comic conventions, these independent gatherings are definitely 
attracting them.

- daa

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