[ACML] hotel rules

Phil Davis pdavis at pobox.com
Fri Feb 22 16:56:58 EST 2008

HeyAnimeCafe at aol.com wrote:
> However, a fan convention that was thrown out of their hotel  contract wasn't 
> in anyway at fault in that case.  It was most definitely  outsiders who used 
> the convention as a convenient place to gather and use a  floor of a hotel as 
> their own.  Unfortunately the "do unto  others..." rule as applied to them 
> would have been fruitless because they  were an S&M group.  The amount of damage 
> done, and paid for as much as  possible by the convention, put the con out of 
> business completely, Chapter  7. 

I'm not sure why a convention would cover costs outside of the 
convention space and hotel rooms that they contracted directly for 
(staff rooms, con suite, green room, etc). If the room has a person 
assigned to it, then the hotel should hold that person responsible for 
any room damage. They should have their credit card on file. As far as 
hallway/public damage, I could see the convention might offer to cover 
the damage, but not be required to contractually. The hotel has 
insurance for this sort of thing.

I remember at the first MTAC the attendees were blamed for some minor 
vandalism that was found out to have been caused by a couple of sports 
teams that were staying in the hotel at the same time.

Phil Davis

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