[ACML] Legal Action Threats for Con Pictures

Sam Chen si.sam.chen at gmail.com
Tue Jun 20 02:41:24 EDT 2006

Don't some cons cover this in their registration/badge agreements. I
know that in situations where it's a minor that agreement is sketchy
since they can't nessecarily sign off their rights, but a lot of cons
print various legal disclaimers right on the back of their badge.


On 6/20/06, Dennis A. Amith <nt2099 at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> On 6/19/06 9:34 PM, "The Practical Unicorn" <practical_unicorn at hotmail.com>
> wrote:
> > Since we're having so much fun with fandumb and the law of late...
> > To the point... See, we took a bunch of pictures from one of our improv
> > shows in 2004, including some audience pics. I've recently been getting
> > e-mails from a person who was a blurry background face in one of these pics.
> > He is demanding for us to remove the picture or they'll sue. According to
> > them, we did not secure permission to use their image (the pic does not
> > focus on this person, and they're in the far background), and as such we are
> > in violation of some local county statute that they haven't given specific
> > reference to.
> Greetings,
> How is the photo being used.  Posted on a Website? Used in a book or
> magazine?
> I've worked with a NFL photographer who was so anal about photography
> release forms and was very vocal to staff when it came to photo usage.  And
> he would always advise against any photos of audiences that can be seen
> clearly.  I remember when an editor wanted a Christmas parade photo of the
> people watching (which he took for a newspaper) for a Website gallery and he
> went ballistic about how doing it for the newspaper is one thing but using
> it for a non-newsworthy situation would be illegal because then each person
> in the audience would have to sign a photo release form.
> So, you may want to look at the statute.
> You do have a variety of options.  You can either look into the statute,
> wait for a cease and desist, photoshop the person out of the photo or not
> use the photo.
> - daa
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