[ACML] [AX] I have a free room

Widya Santoso wsantoso at nyx.net
Sun Jun 18 09:13:47 EDT 2006

With my leaving in less than 48 hours for Japan and the US (and Anime 
Expo) I have a free room that I booked to make sure that I would have a 
room for AX, even if I was on my own.  Well, I am sharing with someone 
else at the Hilton, and I have been holding on to this room "just in 
case."  It's coming up to the time before I have to cancel it, but I 
thought I might offer it to someone on the mailing list before I call the 
hotel to cancel it.

The room is at the Sheraton (Coast) hotel, it's a single room at $128, 
from 6/30 to 7/5.  Anyone who wants it e-mail me, and send me your 
telephone number, but they'll have to do so before next weekend.  I have 
to cancel the room before 72 hours prior to the con to get back my 
deposit, but a week before should be safe.

Now it's easy to cancel a hotel room, but I am not sure how to go about 
transferring the name and credit card from mine to someone else, so any 
advice on this would be helpful.

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