[ACML] fps Issue 8 Ready

Tamu Townsend tamu at fpsmagazine.com
Sat Jun 17 16:16:29 EDT 2006

Hi everyone,

After the interest in last year's Defining Anime issue, we've done 
another anime-focused issue for our latest issue. We'll likely do one 
next year featuring another side of Japanese animation, such as the 
independent films of Osamu Tezuka and a look at Kihachiro Kawamoto's works.

This issue is bigger, marking the move to quarterly issues that are 
45-50 pages instead of 25-30.

You can get the magazine here: http://www.fpsmagazine.com/mag

You can get a free preview edition here: 

Please keep my email address for your records. We have a limited budget, 
but I am always interested in placing a few ads every year in convention 
program books about fps and I'd like to get rates and deadlines emailed 
to me.


This is the complete table of contents of the most recent issue. If you 
do get a chance to look at it, I'd enjoy hearing your feedback.

Anime's Big Picture
The further perils of trying to define anime.

Dream On Silly Dreamer
In chronicling the last days of Walt Disney Feature Animation's 
traditional animation studio, director Dan Lund created a time capsule 
of the Disney studio.

Adam Parrish King in Conversation
The resurgence of the art of stop-motion seems to show no sign of 
abatement, as Adam Parrish King's The Wraith of Cobble Hill garners 
acclaim and festival awards.

The Anime Primer
A starter guide to Japan's most prominent cultural export.

The Anime Lexicon
This guide will help you make sense of what you read and hear about anime.

Anime Iconography 101
North American animation has its own visual language, but Japan has 
another, and some of the iconography in anime may slip past a viewer 
who's not familiar with it.

Bewitched by Magical Girls
Like "giant robot," "magical girl" is a genre descriptor that gets right 
to the point. But where did the genre begin, and why is it so popular?

A Boy and His Robot
The apex of the OAV format was arguably reached by one title in 1992: 
Giant Robo.

Anime Iconography 201
A look at anime's emotional signifiers.

ACAG 2006: When Fandom and Academia Collide
A curious blend of the rigorous world of academia and the more malleable 
nature of fan culture came together at the first International 
Conference on Asian Comics, Animation and Gaming.

Negadon: The Monster from Mars, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, 
Hello Anime!, Hakugei Vol. 1, Kannazuki no Miko Vol. 1, It's a Small 
World of Fun Vols. 1 & 2, Plymptoons: The Complete Early Works of Bill 
Plympton, The Art of Cars, Walt Disney: Conversations, Cinema Anime, 
Ä-ni-mé: The Berkeley Journal of Japanese Animation

The Hip List
This issue's contributors list what they consider to be essential anime.

Closing Credits
The people responsible for this issue.

More Than a Cursory Glance
Anime has received increased attention among film scholars and 
academics, but there's a critical flaw in the focus: why is it mostly 
about movies?

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