[ACML] Why you love the department you're in

Alexander, Isaac D AN (VFA 136) isaac.alexander at cvw1.navy.mil
Thu Jun 8 18:50:16 EDT 2006

This is a great positive mojo question for the ml. Thanks Trisha!

Hmmm. My response is very much like Terry's in the fact that I've
Enjoyed all the positions that I've held. I like being the go to 
Person for information and dispersing it. I also like assembling
A team to create and solve things. I like unleashing imagination
So that in can run rampant among the general staff. Finding
People who can fill roles that need to be filled is challenging
Yet very rewarding when you find the individual's).

As for my position, I've mostly been associated with doing 
Relations(corporate/industry, guests, exhibitors) and a bit of 
Publicity(web, ml's, forums, press, public relations). 

Being con chair, vice chair, and vice president of the parent org
Were also very challenging yet rewarding positions to have held
During my time serving. 

It's always a great feeling when you've found your calling on 
Staff in a convention that fits your talents. 

I'm happy to have retired from anime cons yet I'm looking forward
To jump in again to do something smaller next year with acml-con.
Guess I can't quite retire. LOL



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