[ACML] [semi-OT]Wikipedia are idiots

Project Houkocon coordinator at houkocon.com
Fri Jun 2 21:06:03 EDT 2006

So I decided to make an entry for my convention. A very, thorogh, entry 
filled with the back history of the convention, pre-registration 
numbers, explination of all events, city information, etc... and 
wikipedia deleted it as it claimed it to be a vandalism article and full 
of 'ideas' despite the fact that links were presented and media articles 
were presented that contested the moderator's rash actions. That mad me 
angry, that was thirty minutes of work right there, actually, my whole 
lunch break was setting up that article....

So, in other words: Wikipedia is an idiotic place.

Has anyone else had this problem?

- Tiffany

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