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Lucas Leverett conchair at mtac.net
Wed Feb 15 21:11:18 EST 2006

I think something that helps us about the Public Safety Department is  
that it's head sits on the board of directors. He is involved at the  
core level of the convention leadership and has a feel for where  
"we're at". I added this Senior Director position to the now-9-member  
Board for that communal reason, and it seems to have made it more  
fluid. We don't get a lot of that bully culture out of them.

We are organized into the Senior Directors (who all sit on the  
Board), and their subordinate Directors. Some of those have  
Assistants. (It's the DragonCon system.) Under that are some of our  
trusted Volunteers, but then there is also just the rank and file of  
Volunteers. However, nobody is paid... just more trust and  
responsibility. (Technically, the primary body of Public Safety is  
paid, since they all belong to a performing group that also does a  
show for us, and are given a general fee- but that pays the group and  
not the people.)

Lucas Leverett
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Senior Director of Facility Relations
Middle Tennessee Anime Convention
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On Feb 15, 2006, at 3:01 PM, <smonroe at otakon.org>  
<smonroe at otakon.org> wrote:
> We are required by our contract with the Baltimore Convention  
> Center to hire a
> Security Firm.  We also have Public Safety from the BCC, and we  
> have the Police as
> well.  Baltimore City police, who walk through our con every once  
> in a while.
> We also don't have con security because no matter how much training  
> you give them,
> they will still think they can behave like Police.  And tackle evil  
> doers who are
> bent on disrupting the convention.  This is just not  
> appropriate...no, it's
> stupid.  And yes, we have ex-bouncers and ex-military on our staff,  
> and yes I've
> heard stories from them about what we "should do" and what they'd  
> "like to do".
> And anybody whose first inclination is to get physical with the  
> members is a danger
> to any convention.
> So we've spent a long time and a lot of resources to make sure that  
> people
> understand "we do not touch the membership!!!".  Not to line them  
> up, not to stop
> them from fighting, not to stop an alleged miscreant who is fleeing  
> from the
> scene.  That is a job for Police, not for Con Staff.  These are  
> only part of our
> legal concerns.
> That having been said, we have volunteers, and we have volunteers.
> Our Staff are all volunteers.  All of them.
> Our Gofers are volunteers.  We make the distinction because Staff  
> are trusted with
> a good deal more responsiblity, bigger expectations, and also are  
> offered more
> involvement in voting and planning opportunities.
> So...Our Gofer rules state 16+.  Our staff traditions are 18+.  We  
> have in the past
> taken people under the age of 18 onto staff, but it is a rare  
> occasion, and the
> person has to be singularly spectacular.
> And I'm thinking that at the moment our staff age ratio is a good  
> bit higher than
> early 20s.  Don't know, 'cause we are not agist, and don't really  
> keep count.  But
> I'm thinking that the Otakon staff is aging.
> Which might be why these darn kids look so much younger every year...
> Cousin Sue
> Otakon

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