[ACML] "Yaoi Paddles" - What are your experiences?

Mike Beargie generation_otaku at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 13 14:55:59 EST 2006

Actually, the yaoi paddle does have clear origins, but nobody has 
ever talked with Bryan from Hen Da Ne to find them out, or moreso, 
nobody ever really cared.

The Yaoi Paddle was originally made by an artist that specialized in 
Pyrography (woodburning). Said artist had befriended Bryan's group of 
vendors through experiences with them at many-a-con. Eventually, a 
working relationship and friendship developed between the artist and 

One week before a show as the artist was walking through a craft 
store, he saw a craft sized boat oar in the unfinished woodcrafts 
aisle. In a momentary lapse of better judgement (according to some) 
or a flair of pure genious (according to others), the Yaoi Paddle was 
pictured as a gag gift to be made for Bryan, a vendor notorious for 
yelling out slangs of "Red Hot Yaoi Action" and the like in dealers 
rooms throughout the country. 

After a brief conception of a crude design, and another period of 
production time, the original Yaoi Paddle was completed. The gift was 
bestowed to Bryan at their next meeting, and Bryan proudly displayed 
his gift in stride throughout the weekend.

Saturday night at the con brought the Hen Da Ne group and artist 
together over dinner, to which Bryan proclaimed that the Yaoi Paddle 
was now a coveted item of Yaoi fans, whom have offered hundreds of 
dollars to own it. Discussions of mass production over pizza and beer 
led to the inevitable commercial marketing of the Yaoi (and 
subsequently the Yuri, Hentai, Seme/Uke, etc..) Paddles, making it a 
staple of convention pop culture, in a love/hate relationship of 

So that's it, it was a gift, meant as a joke, that turned out to be a 
good chunk of business for a smaller adult-centric dealer. With what 
Hen Da Ne sells on their tables (yaoi and hentai doujins, H-games, 
etc..) wouldn't you expect the yaoi paddle to be classified as an 
adult item as well?

Yeah... now you know at least... Anyhow, I am that artist, ( 
http://akicafe.deviantart.com ) and do I regret being responsible for 
this items creation? Maybe, sometimes I am, but for the most part, 
I'm surprised that it has gotten any more attention than what it was 
meant to be, a gift, for a friend....

As for a course of action to take, it's only as harmful as the person 
holding it. I'm guesstimating that there's thousands of paddles out 
there by now, so banning them outright would be like banning bokken, 
shinai and all of that. I'm sure that in the near future there will 
be someone that gets made an example of (like the lady who broke the 
one miscreant's paddle), but before you jump over fences, make sure 
you see what's on the other side.

Have fun, and play safe.

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> At 04:20 pm 12/11/2006, Colin Keigher wrote:
> >Oh Christ.
> >
> >I had discussed doing the same thing with those yaoi paddles if I
> >were to see someone actually assaulting someone with them. Good on 
> >
> >I actually got an explanation to what they were representing, and 
> >they are just the words "yaoi" on a piece of wood--it has no clear
> >origins. In a simple way of putting it, they're crap and I think
> >people are dumb for buying them in the first place.
> It's a stick with "YAOI" written at one end.  Could that be 
considered a 
> sign AND a weapon?  Double-ban!  ;)
> -PatrickD
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