[ACML] Anyone want to be the SPJA CEO?

Doc the Stampede docthestampede at flybynightdesign.com
Thu Sep 29 19:50:31 EDT 2005

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> Subject: [ACML] Anyone want to be the SPJA CEO?
> So... anyone up for the job? ^_^ 
> Preferred:
> Must be able to work miracles.
> Must have the patience of moses. 
> Benefits:
> A warm, fuzzy feeling. 


1. Able to work miracles - I don't know about miracles, but when I kick into overdrive people do get out of the way..

2. Patience of Moses - That's a requirement to be staff of any con, or it should be.. ;D

However, as I would never wish to be a long distance CEO, count me wayyyy out.  :D  (wonders who will end up taking the reins over there..)


I am somewhat surprised to see them publicly releasing this type of information.  I would expect most conventions to promote from within.


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