[ACML] Anyone want to be the SPJA CEO?

xstylus xstylus at xstylus.com
Tue Sep 27 17:23:19 EDT 2005

Jennifer Pon recently stepped down as SPJA CEO. 


Considering the huge tasks that were set forth when Jen took the CEO 
position, she did some incredible stuff in her tenure. AX probably wouldn't 
have survived past 2002 if it weren't for her leadership. SPJA is deeply 
indebted to her. 

So... anyone up for the job? ^_^ 

Must be able to work miracles.
Must have the patience of moses. 

A warm, fuzzy feeling. 

Yeah, it's salaried, but laughable. It's certainly a job to take out of 
love, insanity, or a combination thereof. 

BTW: I hear that SPJA is looking for board members too. 

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