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Fri Sep 16 10:15:30 EDT 2005

> Update on Maryland company arrest.
> <a
> Interesting to see that the ESA is making strides
> towards slowing down illegal game downloads. To
> bad the anime industry can't follow suit.
> Cheers
> Isaac

Sheesh, what a bad article.

Three paragraphs in before copyright infringement and the
DMCA gets mentioned, and specific statutes never get cited.
 (Joe Citizen receives the following message: Just *point*
a screwdriver at your X-Box, and we'll be kicking your door
down, bub.)  Activity by the DoJ and the Maryland DA never
gets mentioned, implying that ESA has some kind of
enforcement power all on its lonesome.  Supporting legal
documentation is never referenced - which could answer more
than a few questions, including how these people could be
charged as individuals, what (if any) defense they had in
place, and what sort of evidence went before the court.

While the targets of this activity definitely sound like
bad actors, this kind of case builds precedent that we
should all find chilling.  Anime conventions often use
region-free DVD players to broadcast media and sell
memberships, frex - contributory infringement if content
providers disapprove.  There's been an all too real trend
recently for the industry to assume that all fans are
potential bad actors - a trend that we can and should work
to counter.  "Pay per view" is not a model I want to see my
anime industry adopt, thanks.

"The best lack all conviction,
 While the worst are full of passionate intensity."
                - W.B. Yeats, "The Second Coming"
Rodger Burns
libramus at scn.org

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