[ACML] Memories of the Otakon Dinner

Isaac Alexander isaacada1 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 2 19:10:28 EDT 2005

Here's my larger report about the ACML dinner
held during this years Otakon.

I prefer getting the bad out first so lets do

The Bad
*The service at the restaurant was both
satisfactory or downright horrible. I remember
Erica telling the waiter to actually take orders
for the table she was at.
*The food ranged also from very good to
questionable. I only ate good food but am aware
others didn't have as good as experience.
*I will NEVER use a disposable camera again. My
digital camera didn't arrive until after I left
for the con. Apologies for the pics being so
*Unstable tables to eat off of and really old
*Eugene showing up late(only by 40min though) ;-)

Now the fun stuff.
The Good
*Eugene flying in from San Francisco for the
*Nice closed off area for the groups to talk loud
without interupting other people in the
*The number of people that attended. It was
almost triple the amount of people that showed up
for the first acml dinner at AX 2002. The two
people that attended that one that were also at
this one was Erica and myself.
*Meeting the faces of all the movers and shakers
of the anime convention scene. We basically had a
rep from each time zone in the continental USA.
*Jim Vowles, the vice chairman of Otakon 2005
announcing that Otakon was picking up the tab for
dessert for everyone(Thank you Jim and Otakon
staff for that!).

I don't know how previous acml dinners at Otakon
went, but after calling Eugene and finding out
he'd be late, I chose to MC the dinner. I had
everyone get up and introduce themselves(name,
con they were from, and anything else they wished
to say). Then we held a toast to all cons for
continued fun and success in the years to come. 

This dinner was probably the highlite of the
weekend for me. So many of you have given me help
over the years and I was so glad to meet everyone
in person. Also, the trading of war stories and
finding out how things work at other events was
educational, as well as entertaining. I'm very
honored that Eugene has chosen to organize these
dinners after I couldn't do them anymore after

I unfortunatley won't be able to attend any big
conventions in the next year because of my
schedule with the navy, but I will definately
treasure Otakon this past month. Thank you to all
that attended and good luck with your respective
events in the future.

Oh, and don't think you have to limit these
dinners to just AX or Otakon. Hopefully, more of
these dinners will pop up at the regional cons as
some already have(Anime Boston, Anime Next).



PS. Also, after the dinners, it's great to head
to a bar and really trade good information over a
good drink. :D

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