[ACML] Anime Expo 2005 Attendance

xstylus xstylus at xstylus.com
Thu Jul 7 14:41:11 EDT 2005

> Actually, that would confirm the MINIMUM number of staff. Gopher's 
> aren't listed, and frequently you have additions after the program book 
> goes to print. I worked for two cons in staff (non-gopher) positions 
> where I wasn't listed in the book. One of them was PMX hosted at the 
> same place as AX.

Staffing was in the neighborhood of 450 to 600 staffers, excluding 
volunteers (yes, I know that's a wide range, I'll try to find a more exact 
number when I get home from work). We have an actual HR department this year 
run by I-Ming Chen, and he did a really good job of getting us some good 
people. We wouldn't have been able to manage the staff numbers we've got 
without the help of him and his department. 

Troy Williams - caml(@)xstylus.com
AX2005 Domestic Guest Relations Manager 

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